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The Hovernaut of the Year award is presented to a club member each year, in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to the sport of light hovercraft and service to the Hoverclub of America.  Nominations for the award are given at the annual general meeting at Hoverally, and club members vote to elect the Hovernaut of the year.

Past award winners

 2020  Scott Hull  Kentucky
 2019  John Sturgeon  Alaska
 2018  Ervy Greenwaldt  Wisconsin
 2017  Bill Zang
 2016  Bob Windt  Illinois
 2015  Dave Reyburn  Indiana
 2014  Graham Spencer and Dave Reyburn  OH and IN
 2013 Kent Gano Georgia 
 2012 Marquis Songer and Joshua Speer  Indiana
 2011 Dave Reyburn Indiana
 2010 Dave and Linda Braden Tennessee
 2009 Kent Gano Georgia
 2008 Glen Burrows (Mill Creek High School) Georgia
 2007 Matt Litter  Ohio 
 2006 Marquis Songer  Indiana 
 2005 James Benini (Parish Hill High School)  Connecticut 
 2004 Matt Litter  Ohio 
 2003 Louis Bondurant III  Georgia 
 2002 Carl Gorsuch  Ohio 
 2001 Terry Chapman, Bob Windt, Chris Fitzgerald (Junk yard wars team)   
 2000 Jeff Tytus  Ohio 
 1999 Jeff Tytus  Ohio 
 1998 Linda Weber  Wisconsin 
 1997 Bobby Zang  Illinois 
 1996 Scott Brownlee  Ohio 
 1995 Jeff Tytus  Ohio 
 1994 Dave Galka  Alabama 
 1993 Keller and Huff Family  New York 
 1992 Billy Zang  Illinois 
 1991 Dee Anders  Florida 
 1990 Bob Windt  Illinois 
 1989 Al, Sara and Christie Mahler  Indiana 
 1988 Chris Barczynski, Sr.  ON, Canada 
 1987 Scott Brownlee  Ohio 
 1986 Bob Windt  Illinois 
 1985 Bob Windt  Illinois 
 1984 Mike Kiester  Oklahoma 
 1983 Terry Chapman  Ohio 
 1982 Pearl and Roger LeMaire  Tennessee 
 1981 Dee Anders  Florida 
 1980 Bob Windt  Illinois 
 1979 Bob Windt  Illinois 
 1978 J Christopher Fitzgerald  Indiana